Tuesday, October 20, 2009

poison apples

A lot of readers requested that I share the "recipe" for the poison apples my little witch was passing out this past weekend. (Naughty little witch!)

I made the fabric apples using Tone Finnanger's pattern in her book, Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyle. I love, love, love her books and highly suggest you purchase the Christmas book. It is loaded with ideas and inspiration and the photos are spectacular.

If you really want to make the apples now, you could also just surf the net and find a fabric apple pattern. Here's one that I found. It has more of a patchwork look, but you could play with your fabric combinations to make a fabulous poison apple! Heather Bailey also has a fabric apple pattern in her online shop.

If you have Christmas project books, I recommend brainstorming on how you can use the ideas for other holidays. Most projects are easily translated to another holiday by simply changing the colors or theme. It's a great way to stretch your creative library.

Now for the winners of the poison apples:

Autumn of Autumn's Antics
Chelsea of Room to Inspire
Deborah of Midlife Poet

Email your addresses to laura (at) katydid-designs (dot) com and I'll get those apples off to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for visiting my Halloween Party!