Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cyber Monday Business Tips

I was supposed to send out a Creative Newsletter today, but instead I sent one out with tips for Cyber Monday. If you sell online, November 30 could mean big sales for you, especially if you use some of my tips.

If you don't receive my newsletters, you can read it online here. There's a very special birthday discount for my readers, but if you are welcome to take advantage of it, if you read the issue online.

In addition to my birthday discount, I'm having a holiday sale! I'm offering free shipping to U.S. residents on orders placed November 25,2009 through December 1, 2009. Not in the U.S.? Take 10% off your order instead! (Ebooks are excluded from this offer.) To take advantage of this special sale, simply leave a comment on your order form, telling me you want free shipping or 10% off. I'll refund the discount to you via Paypal. You can visit my shop here.

Okay, enough business. To prepare for the holiday sale, I'm trying to update everything I have in stock (like the pillows you see all over this post). Am I the only one who HATES this part of selling online? Seriously, it's such a time drain. Taking photos, measuring & weighing items, writing descriptions and tags. Not my favorite way to spend a few hours. Any tips for getting through? Besides eating copious amounts of chocolate while doing it? (I've found that's not such a good idea as it melts onto the keyboard and the items. Maybe I should switch to my favorite candy-orange slices...)