Wednesday, November 4, 2009


You may have noticed that I have been sewing and crafting a lot lately, but I haven't been producing much in the way of original artwork. The other night, I had the urge to paint and spent a couple of glorious hours painting away. I'm thinking of doing a series of the women in my family, called "The Good Girls". The paintings would all be my interpretation of old family photographs, specifically of the women in my family marking their completion of certain Catholic sacraments, such as First Communions and Confirmations. So far, I have my mom's First Communion painting and my Grandmother's Confirmation started.

Of course, I always I come up with these great ideas, and work on them deep into the night and then in the light of day, they are forgotten or don't seem like good ideas anymore. We'll see where this project goes. Right now, I'm just enjoying playing with my paints for awhile.