Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving, Turning 40 and Cyber Monday

As you can tell from the post title, we have a lot to cover. I haven't blogged in days, but the holiday and my birthday have been keeping me very busy.

I'm officially 40 now. On the day before my birthday I woke-up, joked with my husband that it was his last chance to "sleep" with someone in their 30s and then promptly burst into tears. I really did think I was joking and thought I had finally dealt with the age thing, so I was really surprised by my reaction. And my poor husband was as surprised as I was about it. It was a good cry though, and I immediately felt like I was finally able to move on and accept this birthday.

My birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year. We had 12 people over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. Everything was delicious and a fun day was had by all. My husband bought me a fantastic new camera. It's a Nikon D5000! It has so many bells and whistles that I'm a bit afraid to use it. I feel so lost every time I pick it up. A nearby community college offers a class where you bring your camera and the manual and they help you learn how to use it, and I think I'm going to have to sign-up right away. I can't wait to start using a "big girl" camera, but I am intimidated to say the least! I'm itching to use it but it's amazing how change, even good change, is something we automatically want to push against.

On Saturday night, we had a small "Cupcakes and Cocktails" party to celebrate my birthday. We had about 20 friends over and ate sweets and drank cocktails. (Word to the wise-don't make the Cupcake Cocktail! It wasn't very good.) I wish I had photos of all this, but I was the hostess and guest of honor and didn't really get to take pictures. I'm kind of disappointed because now I don't really have any photos to mark my birthday. Maybe my mom took some? I'll have to ask.

It's Cyber Monday! That means people should be buying like crazy today, so don't forget to update your online shop and do all the things you need to do to take advantage of such a high traffic day. I uploaded some new card designs to my shop. I feel like my graphic design skills are getting better and I'm happy with the new cards. You can find all the cards in this post in my Etsy Shop. I'm having a sale, so if you see something you like today, be sure to grab it! I'm offering free shipping to U.S. residents on orders placed through December 1, 2009. If you aren't in the U.S., take 10% off your order instead! (Ebooks are excluded from this offer.) To take advantage of this special sale, simply leave a comment on the order form, telling me you want free shipping or 10% off. I'll refund the discount to you via Paypal.