Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Perfect Circle Cupcakery

The thing I love about my "job" as an artist and designer is that I rarely feel like I'm actually working. Seriously, how lucky am I to have business meetings at a cupcake shop? Last week, I met with my friend and business collegue, Priscilla Burris to talk about getting ready for the upcoming CHA Show. We decided that as long as we needed to meet somewhere, we might as well as hit a cupcakery we've never been to before. I mean a girl can't do business on an empty stomach, can she?

We visited The Perfect Circle Cupcakery in Orange, California. The shop was darling. Who doesn't love Tiffany box blue?

And the cupcakes were delicious. If you live in Southern California, it's definately worth a visit. After all, I'm sure you have some sort of business meeting to arrange, don't you?

FTC Disclaimer:
*I have no affiliation with and have received no compensation for this recommendation.