Tuesday, December 29, 2009

playing with toys

I've been playing with some of the toys Santa brought me for Christmas this year. Today, I got out the Jelly Lenses my mom gave me. I have to say they are pretty fun. The only problem is that they only fit on my old, point and shoot camera. My husband has decided that it's his camera now, so I have to wrangle him for it whenever I want use my new lens.

The lenses are soft rubber and have a bit of adhesive on them. You simply lay them over the lens of your point and shoot camera or cell phone camera and then take your photos.

I took the above photos with my favorite lens, the Starburst.

This one was taken with the Six Image Mirage lens.

My least favorite was the Wide Angle lens. I think I need to play with it more to figure out how to make it give me the results I'm looking for. The packaging says it can be used to produce a fish eye technique, so I'll have to keep trying.

As you can see from the photo above, my dog, Jack, is pretty tired of being a model today. Was Santa good to you? Did you get some good toys to play with?

FTC Disclosure: I am not affiliated with the manufacturers of Jelly Lens and have not received payment or goods in exchange for my review of this product. If you click on the Jelly Lens link, I will receive a small commission from Amazon if you purchase anything via my affiliate link.