Tuesday, December 1, 2009

shower curtain and hand towel update

The thing I like about my new found hobby of sewing is that I can dress-up just about anything now. When I first discovered collage, I was collaging everything-from lampshades to jars and now I'm adding material to anything I missed. I joke that my dog and husband better not sit still too long or they'll end up getting embellished too. There's just something so satisfying about taking something store-bought and personalizing it or making it "better". I feel like in some small way, I'm truly being a homemaker. That I'm making my family's little corner of the world beautiful and comfy. People who don't craft or sew often scoff at the time I spend doing my little projects. The words, "Martha Stewart" are often used. (As if that's a bad thing!) My hope is that one day my daughter will look back fondly on her childhood home and remember all the little details I put into it. Maybe some of the things I made will be looked at by her children and stories will be told about how I made this or that. In a world that is becoming increasingly commercial, I'm here, holding on as tightly as I can to the "good old days" and putting a homemade touch to things I make for my family. And that's why I love all my blog readers. Because you are right there with me, sharing ways I can bring a little creativity to my home.