Friday, January 8, 2010

felt food tutorial

I became a bit addicted to making felt food over the holidays. It all started when I threw my daughter a cookie decorating party with a few of her friends. At the last minute, I decided to sew felt cookies for party favors.

Here's my recipe:


Felt in various colors
Selection of Cookie Cutters
Embroidery floss
Fabric Glue-I used Beacon Adhesives (TM)Fabri-Tac. (Material Disclosure)
Glitter-I used Art Glitter's Faux Snow. (Material Disclosure)


1. Place your cookie cutter onto a piece of felt. Using a pencil or pen, trace the shape onto the felt. Cut two pieces for each shape.

2. If you want to make frosting, free-hand draw the shape of the frosting onto a piece of felt and cut-out. If you are going to put sprinkles on your frosting, do the embroidery at this step. I just did a straight stitch for the sprinkles and a french knot (No material connection) for the colored balls. To make glittery frosting, brush a light coat of glue onto the frosting and sprinkle glitter on. Set aside to dry. (Please note, glitter should only be used for cookies that will be decoration or for children who are older and there is no risk of the "cookies" going into someone's mouth. Safety first!)

3. Take one side piece of your cookie shape and sew your frosting onto it. I used a straight stitch for this step. Then sew your both cookie sides together. Because felt is difficult to turn-out, I recommend that you sew your cookies right sides out. Use a decorative stitch, like a blanket stitch. Don't forget to leave a small opening. Stuff the cookie and then finish sewing.

4. To create gifts, save plastic clamshells that you get from the bakery. Glue a small doily into the bottom, load it with cookies and make a personalized bakery label.

Once I finished the cookies, I decided to make breakfast foods. I made a pancake, bacon and eggs. I just drew all the pieces free hand and followed the basic directions above. My daughter's dolls now eat a healthy breakfast every morning.

I love making felt food because it's an easy, hand-sewing project. Perfect for sitting on the couch, watching TV and stitching. The look on my daughter's face when she sees the finished work is pretty nice too. If felt food interests you, I highly recommend the book My Favorite Felt Sweets (Material Disclosure). It's a Japanese craft book that's been translated into English. The photos alone will inspire you!

WINNER! By the way, the winner of the Bakery Memo Pad is Kristine! Email me your address!