Monday, January 11, 2010

a very good Sunday

"How we spend our days, is, of course, how we spend our lives."
-Annie Dillard

Ever since I read this quote the other day, it's haunted me. I've been going crazy, feeling stressed-out and multi-tasking like a fiend as I prepare for the CHA tradeshow that's coming at the end of the month and this quote stopped me in my tracks. Is this really how I want to spend my days? My life? I've been doing a lot of journaling about it ever since and I'm making some changes. And I did a pretty good job of spending my day on Sunday.

It started with a delicious breakfast of cheese danish, prepared by my sweet husband. Yes, homemade danish! He used this recipe. Now I'm really glad I embroidered the apron shown in the photo as one of his Christmas gifts!

Then we packed up and headed to Laguna Beach. (If you are under 20 feet of snow, you might want to stop reading this post-you aren't going to be very happy with me!)

The Southern California weather has been unseasonably warm and we had a perfect, blue sky day. Even though I've lived in Southern California since I was 12 years old, I still have to pinch myself when I'm walking on the beach, in January!, in a t-shirt! We live about a 10 minute drive from this beach and we don't go there as often as we should.

After a great lunch at one of our favorite cafes, we took a long walk along the cliffs overlooking the water. Both my husband and I snapped photos as our daughter ran ahead and "scouted" shots for us.

When we got home, my husband set to work making Julia Child's recipe for Coq Au Vin (I'm not kidding.) and I crafted the rest of the afternoon. Somebody pinch me. I don't have a perfect life and wonderful days like this don't happen everyday, but when they do, I feel awfully thankful.

By the way, I found the quote I mentioned in the magazine, La Vie Claire. It's probably one of the most beautiful magazines I've ever seen! Pick one up if you get a chance, have a cup of tea and look at the pretty pictures. It's a wonderful way to spend your day.

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