Friday, February 26, 2010

Art & Soul

I'm back from Vegas.  My mom and I had a wonderful trip.  I always enjoy getting away and spending some creative time with my mom.

As soon as we arrived in Vegas, we went for a late lunch at my favorite restaurant, Mon Ami Gabi.  Located in the Paris Hotel, it has wonderful French Bistro food. We spent an hour or two relaxing, eating and having a few drinks.  We also took lots of photos.

Other diners probably thought us mad as we photographed water, food, chairs...whatever struck our fancy.

The next day we took Katie Kendrick's class, For the Love of Cardboard.  My mom has been wanting to take the class ever since she read Katie's article about the project in Cloth, Paper, Scissors a few years ago. Katie proved to be a generous teacher and my mom and I left class feeling very pleased with ourselves and our little books.

The only disappointing thing about the trip was that I struggled with a cold throughout.  Because of the dry, desert air, the cold seems to have lodged itself in my ears, leaving me with muffled hearing and ear pain.  I'm trying to lay low today and am hoping to recover soon.  If you have any home remedies for ear infections, please share!
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