Monday, February 8, 2010

Embroidered Pillow

Do you remember this little girl? I gave you a sneak peek of her a few days ago when I was talking about possibly selling some of my sketches as embroidery patterns? Well, I finished the project I was working on! I used the embroidered piece and sewed a pillow. A pillow I love, but don't really have anywhere to put. I'm debating if I should it put in my shop.

I've found it much more difficult to sell my hand-embroidered and sewn works. When I sell note cards or artwork, it's not as hard because I have scans of everything I sell. I know that I have photos of my pillows, but I still feel like I'm losing something I can't get back. Maybe it's because, as a new sewer, I'm putting a lot of blood, sweat & tears into it.

But I think I need to start putting some of my fabric work in my shop. My house is completely over-stuffed with pillows. And not sewing isn't an option.