Thursday, February 18, 2010


I love to extend the life of bouquets of flowers by pulling out what hasn't wilted and making mini-arrangements. I had a tea tin laying around and thought the black was a great background for some sweet flowers my daughter gave me a few weeks ago. These photos were taken today and these are the last two flowers left from a bouquet I was given on Superbowl weekend. Those are some hardy flowers!

Much hardier than the lovely flowers my husband bought for me at the Farmer's Market on Valentine's Day. The snapdragons and light pink roses were a bit too delicate to last long, but I took a quick photo today so that I'll have it to remind me of their fading beauty.

I also usually change the water in my vases every couple of days and trim the stems to prolong the beauty of my flowers. Do you have any tips for cut flowers? It's almost Spring and I would like to keep my cut flowers happy as long as I can.