Tuesday, February 9, 2010

fortune cookie valentines

One of my New Year's Resolutions this year was to not wait until the last minute to do crafty things for the holidays throughout the year. I usually wait until the last minute and then my projects don't turn out as well or even worse, I just end up having to run to the store to get the decorations, gifts and cards I need.

Valentine's Day was a big test for me in this area. I was happy with the valentines I made for my daughter to take to school last year, but I wanted to make sure I had I plenty of time to make great ones for her party this week.

Since Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year fall on the same day this year, I thought I would incorporate the two holidays. We sewed cute, felt fortune cookies. (With my daughter sewing on my lap again.) Then I printed out fortunes that read: "I am so fortunate to have you for a friend!" I tucked the fortunes into the cookies, and then packed them in mini, take-out containers. We punched hearts and glued them to the boxes.

I think they are pretty cute. And in my dreams, I picture her classmates using them to have pretend tea parties. After cutting out & sewing 27 felt cookies, please tell me they won't be trashed!