Monday, February 1, 2010

sewing with my daughter

About two weeks ago, I decided it was time to teach my four year old how to use a sewing machine. I recently read an article about Marie Osmond and she talked about learning to sew at that age, so I decided it wasn't a totally crazy idea. And it wasn't. When I told my daughter I was going to teach her how to sew on my machine, she informed me she would like to begin by making a quilt! Don't you love how children have no fear? If an adult was faced with her first sewing experience, I'm sure a quilt would be too scary. I didn't make my first quilt until last year and I was terrified. (I'm wondering what I can do to keep my daughter's confidence in her self at the level it is now.)

Well, all that being said, I didn't exactly have the time to work on a quilt with a four year old, so I told her we would do a fabric garland chain to hang in her room. I saw the project in my favorite sewing magazine, Sew Hip*. My daughter loved going through my fabric scraps and picking out her materials. I also let her decide the order of construction and was amazed by her design abilities. Then she sat on my lap and I worked the pedal while she did the sewing. It was an incredible moment and I am so happy I took the time out of my day to do it.

I do think we will make a quilt. I thought I could have her make quilt blocks-one at time. It would be fun to save them and see how she progresses as a sewer over the years. Maybe we could put the blocks together when she's ready to go off to college. Maybe her future 18 year old self will one day wrap that quilt around her shoulders and remember, just for a minute, what it felt like to sit on my lap, comfortable and cared for. Maybe.

*No material connection.