Sunday, March 28, 2010

Creative Nostalgia Boot Camp-Day One

Today is my interview on FaveCrafts Radio.  Since I'll be talking about Creative Nostalgia, I thought I'd dedicate this next week to a "boot camp" about Creative Nostalgia and the only way I know how to do it is with the old housekeeping schedule you can find on vintage kitchen linens:

Sunday: Day of Rest

Monday: Wash Day

Tuesday: Ironing Day

Wednesday: Sewing Day

Thursday: Market Day

Friday: Cleaning Day

Saturday: Baking Day

This poem was turning a point for me when I was adjusting to being a stay-at-home mom after having a successful career.  One day, when I was struggling to get by, my mom shared this story with me...

One evening, when I was just young child, my mother was talking on the phone with my great-grandmother and complaining about all that she had done that day.  Halfway through the conversation, she said to my great-grandmother, “I suppose I shouldn’t complain to you.  When you were a new mother, you didn’t even have a washing machine and had to hand-wash all the clothes.  You didn’t have the modern conveniences I have!”  My great-grandmother disagreed, saying, “You have it much harder than I did!  Because I had to hand-wash the laundry, no one expected me to get anything but the laundry done in a day.  Because of your “modern conveniences” you are expected to do a week’s work in one day.”

My great-grandmother had a point.  Somewhere along the way we got confused and forgot that the purpose of having all these time-saving inventions isn't so that we can work more!  We're supposed to be using them so we can enjoy life.  During my Creative Nostalgia Boot Camp this week, I encourage you to follow along each day and see how you can incorporate some good, old-fashioned housework rules with some modern, creative ideas and see if you can find a way to live a Creative Nostalgic life.

Today is Sunday, so we should all be resting.  I really think this is a tough one for most of us. There was a time when stores and restaurants were closed on Sundays.  You spent the day visiting family and engaging in your family’s spiritual traditions.  Today, most people use Sundays to rush around and do errands.  I understand that many women work all week and can only use the weekends to get their errands done, but I would suggest that you schedule at least one Sunday a month to rest.  Visit with family.  Make a big Sunday supper.  Lay around in your pajamas all day.  Pretend you couldn’t run errands even if you wanted to. Pretend the stores are closed.  

Your boot camp homework for today is to blog about how you relaxed today.  Show me some photos.  If you do a post, please be sure to leave a comment with a link so we can all see how you spent your day of rest.  Here's my idea of a perfect moment of rest.

Thanks for joining me this week.  Be sure to check back everyday and see how I interpret our "Days of the Week" schedule.  There will be lots of crafty ideas, recipes and even a prize drawing or two.