Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Egg dye isn't just for eggs anymore!

When Easter is over this year, be sure to stock-up on all the egg dye kits that will go on sale.  The dyes can be used to dye paper tags, fabrics and lace for your projects throughout the year.  Simply add the dye tablets to a container of water and then let your paper, fabric or lace soak in it for a few minutes.  For paper tags, pull them out and let them air dry.  Fabrics should be rinsed in cold water, then hung to dry.  Press them with a hot iron to heat set the color.  
I made this sampler following the directions in  Teresa McFayden's Free Style Embroidery E-Zine.  The little swatches of pink colored fabric were created using egg dye.  I love the light, pastel, Easter colors this process produces.

Please note, I've only used my egg dye fabrics on projects that won't be getting washed or wet, so I don't know if the dye bleeds when washing.  You might to do a swatch test before you add the egg dye fabric to any projects that will be laundered!

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