Friday, March 19, 2010

A fashionable crash helmet

I've held onto a really ugly, black velvet, padded headband for years now.  Circa 1991.  I keep it with all my other hair accessories despite the fact that it is coated in years of hairspray and is completely out of style.  Here it is.  (Sorry about the bad photo.)

Then I won a book from Katie Runnels of The Constant Gatherer.  Applique Your Way by Kayte Terry.  I wanted to make Katie's Garden Party headband.  I needed a padded headband.  I pulled out the velvet headband, and was excited to give it a new life.  Then I wondered why I was so darn excited.  Then I remembered that this very headband may have saved my life.

When I was in college I wore the headband quite often.  (Usually with one of the million floral, baby doll dresses I had.)  One day, my friend was driving us home from lunch.  We approached an intersection.  The light turn yellow.  She hesitated a moment-stop or hit the gas?  We've all done it.  She gunned it to make it through the light.  Unfortunately, the person who was planning to turn left, thought we were planning to stop for the yellow and a collision ensued.  Luckily, everyone involved was unharmed.  But the windshield on my side of the car was cracked.  Cracked by my head.  I didn't even have a headache though.  I went to the doctor.  No concussion.  All we could think is that my padded headband made first contact and cushioned the blow.  My mom joked that I wasn't allowed to go into cars without my "crash helmet headband" ever again.  (Of course, as a mother myself now, I am assuming she was only joking to keep herself from screaming with worry.)

So I think this poor, tired headband has a right to a make-over.  Don't you? So this is it finished.  Quite a fashionable crash helmet, don't you think?

Enough strange stories about my hair accessories.  If you haven't picked-up a copy of the book, Applique Your Way yet, you should.  Out of 35 projects, there are 21 that I either want to try or am inspired by.  That's a pretty good return on my book investment.  The book has easy to read instructions, but few illustrations, so you probably should have a general sewing knowledge in order to easily execute the projects.  The finished project photos are hip and inspiring and the templates and patterns are nicely packaged in a envelope in the back and are full-sized!  Which means I don't have to fight with my copier to enlarge them.  The book is spiral-bound and lays flat while you are working.  That's nice because I don't about you, but I hate losing my page in the middle of project.

So if you want to make your own fashionable crash helmet, be sure to get Applique Your Way.  You won't be sorry.

Material Disclosure:  I won a free copy of the book from the publisher.  If you click on the link and order  the book, I will receive a small commission through Amazon's Associate Program.