Friday, March 12, 2010

Four Leaf Clover Embellishments

Looking for some last minute good luck?  How about making yourself some four leaf clovers?  It's much easier than actually finding one in nature!

First, get some of your green flower embellishments from your stash.  I used Prima's Got Dots? Just be sure to use flowers with five petals that have rounded edges.  Cut-off one of the petals.  Bingo!  Instant clover!  All you have to do is add stem once you attach it to your next project.

You can use your new embellishment for pretty much anything.  I made a felt pin (as seen above), but you could also sew a whole field of them onto a pillow or a scarf.  Just keep in mind that the flowers are made from paper, so the clovers shouldn't be used on anything that would need to be washed.

If you you want to go the traditional route, create a St. Pat's Day themed scrapbook page with your clovers.

Hope you are having fun getting ready for St. Pat's Day!
Material Connection Disclosure:  I did not receive payment or product from Prima Marketing, Inc. for this blog post.