Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday is Ironing Day

Day Three of the Creative Nostalgia Boot Camp.  This is where I start to take creative license.  Tuesday is supposed to be ironing day and I don't know about you, but I don't iron.  In fact, I try to avoid it at all costs.    If I come across something wrinkled, I throw it my dryer for a couple of minutes and that usually does the trick.  So instead of making Tuesday Ironing Day, I usually delegate it as a wild card day.  Create your own chore day today.  Do you like to garden?  Maybe Tuesdays would be a great day for gardening chores.  Or you could get really modern and use Tuesdays to catch-up on your internet tasks. Designate the day to catch-up on Facebook or pre-write a few blog posts.

I thought I would still give a nod to ironing today though.  My ironing boards are looking VERY sad lately and I really need to recover them.  I have two ironing boards.  (Pretty weird for someone who doesn't iron.)  One is a small table top version and that's the one I use when I'm too lazy to set-up the big one.  It's also the oldest one I own, dating back to my college days.  As you can see I've scorched it, spilled paint on it (don't ask!) and it's really sticky because I'm not careful when I'm ironing interfacing.  We won't even mention how out of date the fabric is, because it shows how dated it is and then you'll know how very long ago it was when I was in college!

It needed serious help, so I dug through my fabric stash and found a nice, modern print that matched my light blue laundry room.  I laid the ironing board on top and cut out the shape, leaving about 2" all around to pull over the edge.  I originally thought I was going to sew it, but then I got lazy and went into the garage and found my husband's staple gun.  But no staples.  Let's just say my man isn't exactly known for his organizational skills and leave it at that.  Upstairs to find my regular stapler.  Back down to staple.  It didn't work.  Upstairs to find my glue.  Back down to glue.  It was messy and I could tell it wasn't going to work.  (At this point, I realized it would have been easier to just sew the darn thing.) Called husband at work and was told the super-secret location of staple-gun staples. I try not to bother him at work, but this was an emergency!  I had a blog post to do and needed to finish the project during daylight hours so I could take a photo!  Luckily, my husband actually understands that I really do think this kind of situation is an emergency and was patient with me.

So I finally accomplished it.  A nice, clean, new ironing board.  I like the finished product, don't you?  But do yourself a favor and just sew yourself a new ironing board cover.  Here's a great, easy tutorial for creating a new ironing board cover by Pondered in My Heart.  She seems smarter and less lazy than me. Check it out.