Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday is Sewing Day

Day Four of our Creative Nostalgia Boot Camp and I have a little prize to give away.  

But first, let's talk about Sewing Day.  Like ironing, I just don't have enough mending to do to keep me busy every week, and I don't sew clothes.  But I do use Wednesday as a day to work on my sewing projects.  Of course, I'd love to work on my crafty projects every day, but most weeks won't allow that.  By designating Wednesday as my Sewing Day, I know I can sneak-in at least a little fun.  If you don't sew, why not make it painting day or scrapbook day or craft day?

To celebrate Wednesday is Sewing Day, I'm giving away one of my Apron Badges for Sewing.  Apron Badges (TM) are a new item I recently created.  They are kind of like Girl Scout Badges for grown-ups.  Especially for grown-ups who love to wear aprons and want to take their apron-wearing to the next level.  (They would also make awesome Mother's Day gifts too!) Right now, my shop has Sewing and Cooking badges, but I'm thinking of all sorts of badges I can create.  They have pin backs, so they can be removed when you throw your apron in the wash.  (Since they are made of felt, it's not a good idea to put them in the wash.)  To win a Sewing Badge, similar to the one pictured on this post, just leave a comment on this post and tell me what sewing blogs are your favorite.  Where do you go when you want to find great fabric or free patterns and tutorials? If you tweet or mention this contest on Twitter or Facebook, come back and tell me so I can give you an extra chance to win.  I'll announce the winner on Saturday, April 3, our last day of Creative Nostalgia Boot Camp.

You can see my full line of Apron Badges in my Etsy Shop.