Friday, April 23, 2010

Children's Lounge Pants

I found a vintage, fitted sheet at Goodwill months ago.  I love, love, love the fabric.  Those little blue flowers make my heart melt.  In fact, I loved the fabric so much I ended-up hoarding it.  You know how it goes, you love a print so much, that you decide it must be saved for the absolute perfect project and then you can't decide what the perfect project really is.  And the fabric sits and sits on your shelf?

Well, I got brave and pulled out my sheet and made my daughter a pair of lounge pants.  This was an especially brave move considering I've never made clothes before.  And didn't use a pattern.  I'm telling you it was a risky venture!  A sewing venture wrought with the potential for disaster.  (Or at least a crying fit on my part.)

But I'm glad I took the risk.  I love the pants.  And for my first garment, I got lucky.  They fit her like a dream.  There was no cursing or crying during the making of them either.  Even the eyelet trim went on with surprising ease.

To make them, I laid a pair of her pajama bottoms onto the sheet and cut around them, leaving a seam allowance.  If you want me to show how I did it (cause there's a trick to it) let me know and I'll whip a quick tutorial for you.

Why not be inspired by success and try to make something this weekend?  Something from that fabric you've been saving for the "perfect" project?  Or maybe a technique or project that you have been too timid to try?