Monday, April 26, 2010

Five Minute Fitted Sheet Skirt Tutorial

Say that five times fast-Five Minute Fitted Sheet Skirt Tutorial!

You know the fitted sheet I used to make my daughter's lounge pants?  Well, while I was struggling to fold it (why is it so hard to fold a fitted sheet?) I realized I could use the elastic along the sides of the sheet to my advantage!  I could make a skirt, with an elastic waistband!  All I had to do was wrap a length of the elastic side around my daughter's waist, add a 1/2" seam allowance and measure the length I wanted.  Then I cut the sheet, sewed the cut sides together and I was basically done.  You also might want to hem it. I added a bit of vintage lace I had laying around.  Even doing that though, I had the whole thing done in a few minutes.  I even had enough time to make a matching skirt for Kathryn (the doll) and a kerchief for a cute, little head.