Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday is Cleaning Day-Creative Nostalgia Boot Camp Day 6

Ick!  No one likes cleaning day.  (Note the photo above-not exactly one of my home's better moments.) Well, at least no one likes the idea of cleaning day.  I have to admit that I drag my feet when I have to clean, but once I get into it, I kind of like it.  And I definately like the results when I'm finished.

I have a 2000 square foot house.  Unlike (what seems like) everyone else in Orange County, California, I don't have a cleaning service.  I used to, but it was one of those items I gave up in order to be able to stay home full-time with my daughter.  It's a lot of house to clean all by myself.  Then I found a really cool website called FlyLady.  Once I adopted their program, I can honestly say that my house stays pretty clean most of the time.  Each week, I vacuum the entire house, sweep the tiled areas and hit the bathrooms.  Then I spend the rest of my cleaning day really cleaning and organizing one sector of my home.  I've divided home up like this:

Area One:  Hallways, staircase, front porch
Area Two: Kitchen
Area Three: Daughter's bedroom and bathroom and spare rooms
Area Four:  Master Suite
Area Five: Living room

So each week gets an area. I just keep rotating through them.  It's really a convenient way to clean and organize, and my cleaning usually only takes me an average of 2-3 hours per week.

I've even added a little creativity to my cleaning areas.  I usually try to do a crafty project for whatever area I'm in for the week.  For example, when I'm in Area Five: Living Room, I might sew some new pillows for my couch.

So what do you do to keep your home clean and organized?  Any tips?