Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I bet you've been wondering what happened to me.  I guess I kind of burned-out after the Creative Nostalgia boot camp last week.  Seven posts in seven days.  Whew!

And, I've been getting my projects ready for a trip.  A trip I've been keeping a secret.  I'm leaving for New Mexico next week to tape three craft segments for the PBS television show, Creative Living with Sheryl Borden.  I've had a lot of prep work to do.  Not only do I have to put together great projects, I also have to figure out a way to get all my supplies there.  And make travel plans.  And get the gray "washed" out of my hair. And get my nails done.

I'm trying not to be nervous about the whole thing, but I'm really pushing myself outside of my normal comfort level.  I know that I have to leave my comfort zone in order to make things happen, but I've found I have become less welcoming to adventure as I've aged.  Or maybe it's because I spend my days cocooned in my house with my daughter.  Whatever it is, I'm trying to hush the little voice in my head, the one screaming she is SCARED!  We should just stay home.  Why bother?  Why can't we leave things the way the are?  Yes, insecurity.  She hasn't been around in awhile and she's making up for lost time.