Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday is Market Day

I can't believe our Creative Nostalgia Boot Camp is almost over!

Thursday is Market Day.  I try to save up all of my errands for Thursday.  I feel like I'm saving gas and I'm less likely to keep running to the store and making impulse purchases.  I usually start the day by cleaning out my fridge and making a grocery list, then we are off to shop.

I really hate to grocery shop.  It's one of my most hated chores.  I don't know why, but it feels like drudgery to me.  You would think that, as much as I like food, I would love to shop for it, but I don't.  What about you? Do you like to shop for groceries?

Here are some great links about shopping for you.

Teri's Blog: The Grocery Game. Great blog about shopping and coupons and saving money.
My thoughts on buying local and going green.

Can you recommend any shopping websites or blogs?  How do you stretch your dollar at the stores these days?
Material Disclosure:  I have no material connection to any of the links mentioned above.