Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bird Sanctuary

Last week, my daughter and I created a little haven for birds in our little backyard.  We hung a bird feeder and a hummingbird feeder, cleaned and filled our birdbath and painted little birdhouses in case our visitors needed a place for a nap.

My birdhouse is very cheery and inspired by the bright colors of some of my favorite British blogs, like Happy Love Rosie.  (Sometimes I wonder who is having more fun when we do projects like this, me or my daughter?)
In order to continue to enjoy our "bird sanctuary" we created bird journals, so that we can sketch our new friends and make notes about how many birds are visiting us and other important facts.  (Who says we don't need art classes in schools?  What looks like a creative project here, is a sneaky way for me to get some math and science into a artistic little girl's life!)
This has proven to be a great project for my daughter and, a week later, she still hasn't tired of it.  You may want to try it yourself on a long, summer day when certain little people are squealing about having nothing to do.

Our next stop is the library to find a book on birds so that we can start identifying our visitors!