Friday, May 14, 2010

Cupcakes for Breakfast

The weekend before last, when I was on my crafting blitz, I brought to life a crafty idea that was in my little pea-brain.  Cupcake-shaped egg cozies!  This first set didn't come out exactly how I wanted them to, I think they need to be a bit bigger.  I'm not a patient person and all the trial & error of creating original patterns is sometimes difficult for me, but I'm trying to take deep breaths and enjoy the process.  Usually, I just want to make the darn thing and then be done with it.

The egg cups remind me of happy childhood memories.  Summers at my maternal grandparents.  My grandmother always made us "Egg in an Egg Cup" for breakfast.  Also know as soft-boiled eggs.  The novelty of dipping strips of buttered toast into the warm egg yolk was true joy for me.  My mom, having four young children (all within 5 years of each other!) was reluctant to make the treat.  I'm sure time and mess played big factors in that decision.  But Grandma!  Oh Grandma would do anything we asked.  And, she never ever made us scoop-out the white part of the egg and eat it!

I paired the egg cozies with one of my Cupcake French Press Cozies.  I didn't think very many people used French Presses to make coffee anymore, but then I set-off a huge discussion about it over on Flickr!
You can check it out here.  Wishing you a weekend filled with cupcakes, "Eggs in an Egg Cup" breakfasts and French-pressed coffee.