Monday, May 10, 2010

Front Door Makeover


I have lived in my house for over 12 years and I've never liked my front door.  It sits right on the driveway, with no porch.  I've tried to dress it up with pots of plants. I've tried wreaths.  None of it has worked for me.  I'm very house proud and I have never felt the front door was a good reflection of the interior of my home.  Do you know what I mean?  When nothing you do makes your heart sing?


Well, my heart is singing now.  I decided to get really serious and give my front door a makeover.  I studied all the magazine photos of front doors I could find.  Remember this cover from Blueprint magazine?  I also surfed the web and found a Doors to Adore post at at Kari & Kijsa's blog.

I decided I wanted my front door to have a "European" look and then I got my husband to work.  (He loves it when I redecorate because I come up with the great ideas and then he has to make them happen!)
The entire redo cost us less than $60, and that bought us; stencils, plants, a brass kick plate, hardware for the hanging baskets and a new doormat.  A little money and little time and I think I created a big impact.  It was a satisfying spruce-up.  After we finished it, I spent the afternoon running outside every few minutes to look at it. The neighbors must think I'm nuts, but I hope they like the new look!