Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sizzix Blog Hop-Burlesque Cake

Time for another blog hop!  This is my favorite die by Eileen Hull so far.  A darling little box shaped like a cake.  There are a million things you can do with this and I'm sure my fellow blog hoppers will have some great variations, so be sure to check Eileen's blog and follow the links to see everyone's creations.

I decided to go a little risque with mine.  As many of you know I love a retro style and the old pin-up girls are fascinating to me.  (I think it's because I secretly wish that it was still considered attractive to have a little "meat on your bones".  If curves were still in, I would be one hot mama!)

My cake is reminiscent of the days when bachelor parties had a girl jump out of a cake.  I added paper spirals to give the illusion of the cake popping open and then placed a vintage image of a pin-up girl in the center.

Since wedding season is coming up, I thought my Burlesque Cake would make a great decoration for a super hip bachelorette party, or how about a retro cocktail party?

To get the die and create your own beautiful cake decorations, visit the Sizzix website here.

Material Connection Disclosure:
*I have a material connection to Eileen Hull and Sizzix.  I was given a sample of the die for the purpose of this blog hop.