Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whip Up Mini Quilts Book Review

Time for a book review.  I just recently got my hands on Kathreen Ricketson's (of Whip Up fame) book on creating mini quilts.  It's a really wonderful book, filled with tons of inspiration.  There are over 20 patterns/ tutorials for creating contemporary, small quilts.  This isn't your grandmother's quilting.  It's very hip and modern.  Some even have a little edge.  In fact, Nicole Vaughan's Granny's Delight Quilt combines your grandma with a little edge.  You'll have to get the book to see it, but let's just say I've never thought of embroidering an illustration of my grandma's dentures on a quilt before.  With a doily thrown in for good luck.  I can only hope to ever be that hip.

Another thing I like about this book is the fact that many of the projects (especially in the Playful section) are perfect for little boys.  I always feel bad for my friends with young sons because it seems that so many sewing & craft projects are so sweet and cute that they wouldn't work for a boy's room.  This book's quilts are more contemporary and would easily please any rough and tumble boy, yet the designs are still inspirational even to me, the most girly of girls.  Everyone's happy!

Here's the 411:

Whip Up Mini Quilts
Patterns & How-To for More Than 20 Contemporary Small Quilts
by Kathreen Ricketson

You can order it here.
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