Monday, June 14, 2010

Butterfly Birthday Party

Are you sick of butterflies yet?  I'm getting there.  I'm happy to announce that the party is over and a wonderful time was had by all.  I really enjoyed planning this party and was pleased that all my plans actually worked out the way I imagined they would.

I'm so proud of the cake.  I can't believe I made it!  I used fondant, but this time I attached it to the cake with a super rich, butter cream frosting.  This nicely overcame the lack of flavor issue I had with the cookies.  I worked all morning on it and I was very sad to cut into it when it was time to eat it.  I'm glad  I have photos of it!

We played some great games.  If you are having a children's butterfly party, I recommend buying Elefun
It was very popular with the kids and was a great game to start the party with.

We also pretended we were caterpillars, wrapped each other in toilet paper cocoons and then burst out of them and flew around like butterflies.  Very fun!

The table outside was all butterfly sweetness.  I didn't get any photos, but I tied streamers to garden stakes and attached paper butterflies to the ends of the streams.  I placed the garden posts around the table and whenever the wind kicked-up, it looked like butterflies were fluttering around the table.

And, of course, the candy bar was a huge hit.

I spent Sunday recovering and am now faced with the huge task of finding a place for all the new toys that came into our house as a result of this birthday.  I think I need to sneak in my daughter's room when she's at preschool and get rid of some of the things she doesn't play with anymore.  I know that if I involve her in the process, she will be reminded of certain toys and won't want to give them up.  Does that make me a mean & sneaky mom?  I mean, how many toys can one child play with anyway?

P.S.  I got that beautiful, butterfly hair piece you see in my daughter's hair from Lotus Lulu.  She has stunning hair accessories, so if you haven't visited her shop yet, be sure to stop soon!

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