Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fabric Coffee Sleeve

If you had to teach a room full of active preschoolers you would need coffee too?  Right?  I made these fabric coffee sleeves for my daughter's preschool teachers. I'm very fond of the bee.  I used Tina Givens' fabric for that one.  And I love the button I used for the floral (the fabric is Heidi Grace).  The fabulous button comes from Blumenthal Lansing.

I've become addicted to making these.  They are really snap to make and I'm having so much mixing and matching fabrics and buttons and what not.  I don't buy coffee from coffee houses but I might have to start. Just so I can make myself some cute sleeves. I'll probably add a few to the shop too.  Want one?

Today is my daughter's last day of school.  Finally.  I'm looking forward to two months of slow, unrushed mornings.  Of course, keeping a very social five year old (who is an only child) busy everyday is giving me a bit of worry.  But I'm sure we'll find some adventures that will please both of us.

Hope you have some great summer plans!