Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Greatest Tea Party On Earth

Another year has gone by and another invite has arrived to join Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist at her annual Mad Hatter tea party...

Ladies & Gentlemen! Children of All of Ages!  Welcome to the Greatest Tea Party on Earth.  Our little circus has laid out a spread of circus treats to delight and surprise you.  Won't you take a moment to join us for tea?  Don't you love our little tea set?  We bought it while on an elephant-buying trip to Asia.  Since we were purchasing miniature elephants, it makes sense that the tea set is tiny as well, doesn't it?
Would you like to ride the Cupcake Carousel?  It's quite tiny, but luckily, edible.  Just take a nibble and you will shrink down to the perfect size to get on and take a ride.  Tickets are only nickel!  Do I see our famous dog trainer peeking at you as you ride, round & round.  Wave!

A large kernel of popcorn popped into your mouth and you'll grow back to size.  (If you don't, you are welcome to join our little circus as one of our side show attractions.)
Oh!  It must be your lucky day!  Here's the star of our show, Jack Sprat the Wonder Dog!  Want to see him do a trick?  Here is his trainer with popcorn in hand.  Please be quiet as our performers need to concentrate for this death defying act.   Drum roll...

TA DA!  His one and only trick!  Sit!  Amazing!

I hope you have enjoyed our show and tea party.  We must pack up the circus train now and visit all the other tea parties going on.  Please click here to find out where to go next.  Perhaps we'll see you at another party.  Be sure to look for us.  We're the ones in sequins.

P.S.  If you enjoyed this party, please be sure to visit our previous year's tea parties.

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