Monday, June 7, 2010

Read All About It!

I know I've been a bad blogger.  I do have a good excuse though.  It was just my husband's 40th birthday and we spent the weekend in Vegas.  Now that I'm home, I barely have time to catch my breath as I  have to get ready for my daughter's 5th birthday party.  I tell ya, when it rains, it pours around here!

I do need to announce the winner of Whip Up Mini Quilts: Patterns and How-to for 26 Contemporary Small Quilts.  What?  You didn't know I was giving away a book?  If you are newsletter subscriber (who actually reads my newsletters-LOL!) you knew about it.  That's the added bonus of signing-up for my newsletter, you get VIP treatment.  So....the winner is...Kristal of Tiny Birds Arts.  Please email your address to me so that I can mail the book to you!

And speaking of newsletters, as if I didn't have enough to do this month, I've decided to do one last ecourse before summer goes into full swing.  This time I'm offering a two week, online course where I'll walk you through, step by step, creating your own electronic newsletter (also called Ezines).  This is one of the most powerful marketing tools I use to grow my own business.  Over the years, I've heard a lot of artists and crafters tell me they want to do a newsletter SOMEDAY but they can never find the time.  By taking my ecourse, we'll all work together to get your first issue ready to go out by the end of the course!  And I'll share how I grew my newsletter list to over 1200+ subscribers and how I make money every time I send out an issue.

Since it's an online course, you will be able to work on it at your own pace and will have access to the course for a month after the course ends, but I do recommend trying to keep up in order to get your newsletter out.  I do hope you will consider taking it as I think the skills you will learn in the ecourse can take your business to next the level.  To read more about the ecourse and to sign-up click here.  Hurry!  The ecourse starts June 15 and runs until June 30.

I'm hoping to put up some crafty stuff on my blog later this week, including sharing my plans for a Bonjour Butterfly Party!