Friday, July 30, 2010


After our bird-making blitz the other week, our birds needed a home.  One morning, while looking at Design*Sponge together (What? You don't look at design blogs with your children?), my daughter and I saw a gorgeous kid's room with a hand painted tree mural and little wood birdhouses attached to it.  (Click here to see the post.)

Bingo!  A home for our birds!  Last Fall, I was able to grab some wall decals on super sale at Goodwill, so my daughter already had a tree on her wall, so off we went to the craft store to find wood birdhouses to decorate and hang.  We scored some small, plain, wood mini-birdhouses for a $1 and rushed home to decorate them.  The wall decals are easy to remove and I attached the birdhouses with 3M's removable mounting strips, so when we get tired of the look, we can easily pull it off the wall, and start over with whatever great idea we come up with next.

We're both pleased with the results and it really turns the tree on her wall into a focal point and she enjoys, "sleeping under the trees with the birds."  Which really makes this inexpensive project priceless.