Thursday, July 1, 2010

Elephants Love Cupcakes Too

I recently received a wonderful package from Tricia Tharp, the talent behind frizzlestixs.  I received some of her Elephant Cupcake fabric as well as the stamp of the same image.  As soon as I opened the mailing envie, I was instantly enchanted.  Her packaging is simple and sweet.  I pulled out a darling set of stamps featuring her original illustrations and then the fabric.  My daughter & I jumped for joy when we saw the fabric.  So cute!  My daughter called dibs on it, but I told her we would see and, being the meany mom I am, I proceeded to make something for myself out of it.  I made the super cute hand towels above.  They are now hanging in my kitchen making me smile every time I walk by them.

(Shhhh!  Don't tell my daugher, but I have some fabric left over and she'll probably still get something too.)

Thanks Tricia for such a lovely package.  It was so sweet of you to send it to me.

And dear, readers, don't think I'm waxing poetic about Tricia's work cause I got a package.  Check-out her shop for yourself and see the overwhelming cuteness for yourself.