Sunday, July 18, 2010

A flock of pom pom birds

I'm trying to do something creative with my daughter every day this summer.  On Thursday, we went crazy making pom pom birds.  After seeing my buddy, Nikki's, post the other day, I remembered that I had an old Martha Stewart pom pom bird kit rolling around in my studio.  I picked it up ages ago at Big Lots for $2. So I dragged it out and then pulled my personal collection of pom poms out (yes, I have a personal collection of pom poms, don't you?) and my daughter & I went nuts making pom pom birds.

Seriously, we have a flock of them now.  We had a blast taking photos of them when they were done, but now the burning question...

What exactly does one do with a flock of pom pom birds?