Friday, July 16, 2010

Future Blogger

My mother tells a story of how, when I was a toddler, she looked on in horror as I imitated what she looked like when she was talking on the phone.  There I was, holding my toy phone to my ear, leaning against the counter, throwing my head back in laughter.

As I ran around the yard the other day, styling photos for my blog, I looked over and caught my daughter arranging her toys and snapping photos of them with her toy camera.  It is shocking to see a snapshot of yourself.  It's also jolting to realize that your little ones watch every move you make.  It's an awesome responsibility.  But, when I watch her do something creative, I feel like maybe she's learning how to enjoy life.  To see the beauty in every day moments.  A mother can only hope that amidst the lessons of housekeeping and bill paying and trying to find balance, we are also passing on lessons of joy, creativity and love.