Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monthly Newsletter Article: Creative Vacation

It's summer and the living is easy.  Or is it?  I know many people who work for themselves and never take a minute of vacation or time off.  What's the point of working for yourself if you can't catch a movie on Wednesday afternoon once in awhile?

Or are you one of those people who take the time off and then feel so guilty that you can't enjoy yourself? 

Everyone needs some down time.  Whether you are doing art for business or pleasure, we all need to take some time to recharge.  To have a change of scenery.  It fills us up creatively.  Here are some tips to help you carve out some "me" time this summer without the guilt.  You may even make a little money while you are sitting on the beach!

Here are a few ways I have personally organized my work and play time this summer to ensure that I can get the relaxation I need without jeopardizing my business:

1.  My daughter is out of school now and I don't have daycare services!  I made a real effort to realize that I can only do so much in this situation.  I sat down with my husband and we decided that I would work on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:00pm until 9:00pm.  I'll get as much work done as I can during that time and he'll spend some quality time with our daughter.  It's important to be honest with yourself and your family.  Take a look at what your situation is and decide on a realistic amount of time that you can work without making yourself crazy and burned-out.  Even if you don't have young children to care for, set working hours and stick to them.  Then, when you are playing and feel those old guilty feelings come up again, remind yourself that you will get to your work during your "office hours" and that there is no reason to feel bad about taking a little time off.

2.  I'll be spending lots of time at the library and the beach this summer and not a lot of time on my computer or working, so when I am working, I am focusing on my passive income streams more than my active income streams.  My affiliate program fees, endorsements and ebooks are my main focus as they take much less work to generate cash.  (For more information about affiliate programs read this archived article and/or buy my ebook.)

3.  During my scheduled work hours, I'm taking advantage of technology!  My blog posts, ezine articles etc. can all be written when I have time, and then be scheduled to post at a later date.  If you have a chunk of time, why not write a couple of future blog posts, schedule them to go out throughout the week and then site by your pool while your blog hosting service makes sure they go up on time?  This is great way not to "disappear" when you are on vacation too!

These are my top three tips for surviving a busy life and finding time to play. What are your tips for balancing summer fun and work?  Share them in the comments below!

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