Thursday, July 8, 2010

No More Wire Hangers!

I just got my hands on the book, The Homemade Home: 50 Thrifty and Chic Handmade Projects by Sania Pell and it's now my favorite book.  The projects are so brilliant, but so simple.  Whenever I get a new crafty book, I always pick one of two projects to work on, but I can't stop with just two for this book.  I want to lose an entire weekend (or week) and just spend hours and hours doing the projects.  The great thing about the projects is most of them can be done without a trip to craft store!  So, it's just a matter of finding the time to do them!

This weekend, I snuck off for a couple of hours and did the Covered Coat Hangers project.  It's great because it uses wire hangers.  The whole time I was working on them, I was thinking, "No more wire hangers!" ala Joan Crawford.  You know from Mommie Dearest ?  I think a lot of pain and agony could have been avoided if only Christina had covered the wire hangers in fabric!

Of course, in typical katydiddy fashion, I went nuts making these and then sat there, looking at them and wondered what to do with them.  I could wrap them and give them as gifts, but I love them too much.  So I dug up some old lingerie (that sadly no longer fits me) and put it on the hangers.  I'm thinking I'll hang them on my closet door.  They are so beautiful to look at it and maybe looking at them everyday will motivate me to eat right so I can wear them again someday.  See?  I knew I could twist buying another craft book into a noble effort.
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