Monday, August 16, 2010

New Ebook!

Did you miss my Easy Ezines Ecourse in June?  I have good news!  I just created an ebook based on the ecourse.  In it, you'll get step by step instructions for creating an electronic newsletter (aka "ezine") of your very own.

I've found that ezines are the best way to stay in touch with my customers and market my business.  (You can see past issues of my ezines here.)  It took me years to figure out the formula for creating consistently successful ezines, but there's no reason you should struggle through it when I can just share everything I learned with you.  I make money every time my ezine goes out and, in my Easy Ezines Ebook, I give you my step by step process for creating your own successful ezine marketig campaigns.  I even teach you how to overcome your fears of being too "salesy". 

This ebook is my biggest yet, with 27 pages of information.  To order, click here.  It's all electronic, so there are no shipping fees!  Simply order the ebook, pay for it and you'll get instructions for downloading the ebook via email within 24 business hours.  You can get started on your ebook tomorrow!

Just in case you are on the fence, here's what Beth Parker had to say about the Easy Ezine Ecourse content:

"I have had my art website for some time and was not utilizing all the great marketing opportunities that were right there in front of me. Laura taught me how easy it is to organize myself and connect with my target market through a monthly newsletter. I had so many aha moments during the course. I have sent out two newsletters since I completed the course and the feedback has been incredible! I only wish I had done it sooner. It's an amazing value that you can't afford to pass up."

You'll get the same content that was in the ecourse in the Easy Ezines Ebook, so be sure to order it today!

Material Connection Disclosure:  I have a material connection to the ebook.  It is one of my business products and I will make a profit from any purchases.