Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Things

I felt very lazy last week.  Stuck in one of my typical over-thinking moods.  Wondering why I push myself to be a good mother, wife, housekeeper, and a successful craft designer.  I go through these moods every couple of months (much to my husband's chagrin.).  I find myself thinking maybe I should just give it all up and concentrate on the mom & housewife part.  Then I get afraid of losing my identity.  There has to be a happy medium somewhere.

So, what did I do to take my mind off things?  I went shopping of course!  The Farmer's Market and Goodwill and my favorite fabric store, Sewing Party.   At Goodwill, I found a "Creative Nostalgia" purse that was brand new, and a bright yellow Buddha.  At the sewing shop, I refrained from buying pricey Japanese fabric and settled for a Japanese sewing magazine.  And the Farmer's market had purple plums. 

The plums caused such a rush of memories for me.  I remember sitting on my late grandfather's shoulders, picking these type of plums from his trees.  He would pull out his pocket knife and cut a slice and hand it up to me.  The skin felt squeaky on my teeth and the golden flesh inside was both sweet and sour and made my mouth pucker.  Very happy summers.  As I ate one of my newly purchased plums I realized that I can never really "lose myself".  These memories, the ones that were created before I ever dreamed of being a wife or mother or craft designer are really who I am.  And they'll always be inside of me, waiting to come out and remind me that it's the smallest moments in life that really matter.