Friday, September 24, 2010

My daughter lives and BREATHES crafts

If you aren't one of my Facebook friends, you missed out on the excitement last week, so I thought I'd give you a laugh for the weekend.

Remember how I told you my five year old daughter had a cold, you know the one that led me to make my travel tissue holders?  Well, it was dragging on & on.  And then she started to have a funny smell.  I initially thought it was just the bad breath one gets when they are mouth breathing from a cold.  But it started to get foul enough for me to investigate.  I looked in her nose...I thought I saw something.  I was shocked.  I would never peg my girl to put something up her nose, and she claimed she didn't when I questioned her.  But off to the doctor we went anyway.  And there was something up there, but our pediatrician couldn't get it out.  So, a few hours later, we are at an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist.  In a New York minute he goes in and pulls.  My daughter screams.  He spins around and is holding...a craft pom pom.

Now, she never does big craft projects on her own, so I'm thinking something that we made in the past (like our birds?) fell apart in her room.  What happened from there will always be a mystery as my daughter claims she never put anything up her nose, despite the snot laden, stinking evidence.

I feel like a bad mom.  I mean, I let the kid walk around with a stinking (literally) craft pom pom up her nose for a week (maybe more!).  The only thing that's making me feel better is that I know my sister and I accomplished the same covert operation, all without my mom's knowledge.  (I mean, if your little sister told you her nose bone was falling out of her nose, you would help her shove it back up too, right?)  I know this is one of the battles that I had to experience to earn my mom medal, but man, I hate it when I feel like a failure as a mother. 

So let's hear your "foreign object in the nose" stories...