Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thanks Partner! Urban Home Goods Swap

I thought I would share what I received from my partner in the Urban Home Goods Swap.  My partner was Jen, but I don't think she has a blog.!  You can see her Flickr goodies here though! 

She sent me a gorgeous pillow cover that fits one of my old, yucky pillows perfectly.  AND it matches my "nesting chair" perfectly.  For those of you who don't know what a "nesting chair" is, it's where I hole up, drink coffee, and read blogs and magazines.  Of course, a good nesting chair needs lots of pillows and quilts in order to be effective and I'm so glad I have this new pillow to update the look of my nest.

Jen also sent me the lovely embroidery hoop wall art pictured above.  I've always admired pieces like this and am so happy to have one of my own.  While I was opening the package, my daughter was hovering around (she always does that when a package arrives) and, when I pulled this piece out, she exclaimed, "Now that's what I call art!"  I have to agree with her.