Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Decorating

I worked on a few little bits to add to my Halloween Decor this past weekend.  For someone who hates Halloween, I sure seem to do a lot of projects for it!  It helps that I bought some fabulous Japanese Halloween fabric this year.  Nothing like fabric to inspire.  Remember the trick or treat bag I made my daughter?  Well, I had the smallest scraps leftover and just couldn't bring myself to throw them away, so I created a patchwork pillow cover with them.  (I love to make removable covers for the holidays-it's a lot easier to fold up the covers and store them rather than try to find a home for a whole pillow.)  I'm very proud of the way the pillow turned out.  I think it just might be my best patchwork job yet.  Practice really does make perfect.

In addition to the pillow, I created a little wall art.  I saw this project in the book,  Matthew Mead: Halloween and have been meaning to try it out for years.  I finally did it and I love the way it looks.  I'm glad I store my seasonal books and old magazines in with my seasonal decor.  That way, when I pull out my decorations at the beginning of the season, I take some time to flip through the old issues and decide if there is anything I want to try for the year.  If I don't do that, they just sit on a shelf or in a box somewhere and I completely forget about the projects I meant to try, but ran out of time to do the previous year.  I sometimes imagine that one day, 20 years from now, my daughter will pull out those old books and magazines and get a a good laugh about all the "retro" decorating ideas.  Who knows?  Maybe she'll even get inspired too.

*A note about yesterday's post.  Dupont left a comment in response to my comment about my fear of Teflon.  In the interest of being fair and sharing all sides of the story, I thought I would recommend that you visit yesterday's post and click on the informational link they left in the comment section.  I think it's our responsibility as bloggers to be fair.  Thanks for sharing the link Ross!