Friday, December 17, 2010

Advent Activities: Days 13-16

The best thing about this whole Advent Calendar idea is that it keeps me motivated to do all the projects I want to do.  Once my daughter opens the window and pulls out the slip of paper with the day's activity, I can't slack off.  I mean, have you ever broken a promise to a five year old?  It's not pretty.

December 13: Make paper snowflakes.  I'm sure I made paper snowflakes when I was a child, but I couldn't remember how I did it.  I had dreams of filling my windows with them, and creating a winter wonderland.  While I didn't quite get there, my daughter and I did make a whole bunch.  I used Vanessa's tutorial to figure out how to fold and cut the paper, then my daughter and I started cutting.  I put them aside because I knew that we would use them for the next day's activity.

December 14:  Turn the play kitchen into a "Winter Wonderland Bakery".  I don't know who likes my daughter's play kitchen more-her or I.  It was looking a little neglected lately and, since it sits in our real kitchen, I wanted to dress it up for Christmas and inspire my daughter to have some holiday playtime.  So we went through my studio and pulled out a bunch of items to use to decorate her kitchen for the holidays.  We found some Candylights, took a paper banner from her room and, of course, got out all those snowflakes we made.  This is what the kitchen looked like before:
And this is what it looks now, all dressed up for the holidays:
We have already had a ton of play sessions in it.  My daughter has named it Kisses Cafe and she's open all day.

December 15: Buy holiday PJs.  I usually buy my daughter new PJs so that she looks great in our Christmas morning photos, but this year I let her go shopping with me and she picked out her own.  She's so excited to wear them on Christmas Eve.

December 16: Watch a classic holiday movie.  Miracle on 34th Street was our pick.  My other favorite classics include: White Christmas (must always be watched while putting up the tree) and It's a Wonderful Life.  A newer "classic" that makes me giggle is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  When we were younger, my dad looked a lot like Chevy Chase, so it makes me laugh extra hard.  Especially because looks weren't the only the thing my Dad and Clark had in common.

What are your favorite holiday movies?

 P.S.  If you like the bakery idea, and want to make a cute, stuffed pastry bag for your favorite little baker, check-out my tutorial here.