Thursday, December 23, 2010

Advent Adventures: Days 20-25

I'm going to wrap our Advent Adventures today.  My in-laws will be arriving soon and we'll be having too much fun celebrating Christmas for me to be able to promise any blogging over the next couple of days.

December 20: Decorate the dollhouse for Christmas.  We do this for most holidays.  My daughter has your basic,  Fisher-Price Loving Family Grand Dollhouse, and we decorate it for the holidays.  It's always fun to turn everyday items into dollhouse-sized fun.  If you want to see some of our miniature sweets, visit my Flickr page.

December 21: Go to the movies.  We went to see the latest installment of the Chronicles of Narnia.  It was visually beautiful, but maybe a little too scary.

December 22:  Do a puzzle with Daddy.  Since my husband works, he doesn't get to do many of our Advent Adventures with us.  He's on vacation this week, so this activity ensured he got to spend some quality time with our daughter.  Puzzles were important because they helped him tell our daughter about one of his favorite uncles.  Uncle Walter would always buy his mother a super hard puzzle (like the one called Spilled Milk!) and then my husband and his family would spend Christmas break working on it.  His uncle passed away a few years ago.  Doing puzzles today gave my husband the opportunity to share one of his family traditions with my daughter and honor the memory of his uncle.

December 23: Bake cookies with Grandma.  As I mentioned, my in-laws are visiting from Canada.  My mother in-law bakes a variety of cookies for the holidays and we are very excited to bake some of them with her.  Again, this is a special, nostalgic activity for my daughter to do with relatives she doesn't get to see all the time. Too often, family recipes don't get passed down.  Sure, sometimes they get written down, but it's not the same as seeing Grandma in action, actually making the recipe before your very eyes.  I'm hoping Ninamo bars are going be on the list of cookies we're making today.

December 24:  Open out-of-towner's presents.  After Christmas Eve dinner, we allow our daughter to open all the presents that have arrived in the mail, courtesy of our friends and relatives who live out of town.  She's been eyeing some of them for weeks and can hardly wait.  We'll also read the Night Before Christmas just before bedtime.

December 25:  It's Christmas!  We'll visit my family at the ranch.  And I'll take a deep a breath and be very proud of myself for doing 25 days of Christmas activities.  Some days, the last thing I wanted to do was add another activity to my to do list, but watching my daughter fully enjoy every moment of this Christmas season  made it all worth it.  Thanks so much for joining me on this journey. 

Merry Christmas!