Saturday, December 11, 2010

Advent Adventures: Days 6-9

Laura Bray
I'm back!  See?  I told you once my holiday boutiques were over I would get back on the blogging track.  Thanks for all the blog love about our Advent House and Activities.  As promised,  I'm going to finish catching-up with our past few days activities.

Laura Bray
December 6:  We celebrated the Feast of St. Nick.  Don't know what that is?  Check-out my guest post about this very special family tradition on this blog.

Laura Bray
December 7:  We made made little felt stocking for my daughter's two favorite dolls, Catherine and Nancy.  I'll be doing a tutorial for the project next week for my Mommy and Me article in the When Creativity Knocks newsletter.  Sign-up so you don't miss it!

Laura Bray
 December 8:  This was a really fun one.  We went to Mom's house and looked at photos of my childhood Christmases.  We told stories.  We looked at my childhood toys, some of which I still have have and handed down to my daughter, so she was excited to see what they looked like when they were brand-new.

My daughter's photo
 December 9:  We tooks some photos of our favorite ornaments and holiday decorations.  When we were looking at the photos from my childhood the day before, some of my strongest emotional moments involved seeing some of our old holiday decorations.  You know, the decorations that, when they were put up, meant that Christmas was really on it's way?  But they were all in background of the pictures.  So, I gave my daughter my point and shoot camera and told her to take photos of her favorite ornaments and decorations. 

My daughter's photo, she told me she was taking a "self-portrait".
I'm going to load the photos into a photo book and give it to her as one of her Christmas presents.  I am shocked by how good some of her photos turned out.  She has obviously been watching how I compose photos, because her angles and styling are very similar to mine.  I put the camera on action mode to compensate for her inability to hold the camera steady. (When you are five, it's hard to stand still long enough to take a picture!) While she took her photos, I worked on taking some photos myself with my "big girl camera".  Before starting, I searched for tips on taking photos of your Christmas tree and ornaments and found this great blog post.  It really helped me take some great photos.  All of today's blog photos are from this day's Advent Adventures.

My daughter's photo of the top of her dresser.
That's probably enough for today.  More adventures to come.  What are some of your favorite holiday activities and traditions?  I'd love some more ideas for our Advent Calendar!