Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gluttony is Good

It's that time year.  When we all go into deprivation mode.  Our new year's resolutions mean cutting back on the foods we eat, and our current economy has forced many people to cut back on their spending, allowing for less luxuries.

That's what I was reflecting on when my daughter and I were at the library yesterday.  Our arms were loaded with books and magazines.  Anything that caught our eye was fair game and could be clutched to our chests or shoved into our library totes, with the knowledge that it could be ours.  Ours for at least three weeks anyway. Which is plenty of time.  How many books do you buy that you actually use for more than three weeks?  By the time three weeks pass, most of my books are read and sitting on a shelf collecting dust. My magazines have been recycled.

It was a wonderful feeling yesterday.  Standing in the stacks, knowing I could take what I wanted and enjoy it.  It's a feeling I've never had in the library before. I've always loved going to the library, and I've always attributed that love to my infatuation with books, but this feeling was different. Maybe it's because I have been trying to be more frugal and more environmentally aware.  I've curbed my spending.  I've stopped my rampant consumerism.  But I realized yesterday that I just need to find the right venues to get the rush that shopping used to give me.  I realized that my library is one of the best places to get it.  It's mine, all mine!

I looked down at my daughter, sitting on the floor, amongst her pile of books, smiling with pure joy.  How often, when you are little one, can you walk into a place, touch everything and take whatever you want home with you?  I said a little prayer.  Whispered a spell.  "May she always remember this place of refuge.  May she always know that are always ways to get what you want.  May she always find joy.  May she always remember these days in the library, with her mama, both of us clutching books and laughing as the books tumble from our overfilled arms and fall to the floor."