Monday, January 10, 2011

Tween Party

My niece turned 10 this weekend.  Double digits!  Remember when that was a big deal?  (I didn't tell her it's all double digits from now on, baby, and it's not always fun to get older!)

I helped my sister by coming up with some fun, crafty ideas for the party.  I have to say it was a difficult task.  I'm used to doing super cute, little girl, frilly things for my five year old and I can throw a mean cocktail party for adults.  But this tween stage is tough.  They don't want to play games anymore, but you have keep them busy.  So of course, typical me, I turned to crafts!

We decided to have the girls make headbands. I brought plain headbands, paper flowers stickers, and cut-out shapes.  I found a fantastic Recollections Boutique Fleur Line at Michaels-using a one complete line really makes it easy to put this craft together for the girls because everything matches.  

The beauty of this activity is that you can then send them home with the headband as the party favor.  (Although there was one super sweet girl who left hers as a gift for the birthday girl.) 

Oh, and the headbands matched the paper & chicken wire crown I made for my niece to wear on her special day.

While the headbands' glue dried we had pizaa and then moved onto cupcake decorating! 

I brought some pink frosted cupcakes with me and loads of Wilton's cake decorating goodies and let the girls go crazy.  I think we have some future Cake Bosses in the room...

I think everyone had fun.  It really was a challenge to work with this age group.  Any advice for future events?